Type talks

There is one man who can make typography talking to you - Rob Draper, freelance designer, artist, illustrator and typographer from London. Specialized in layout and typography for print, branding for apparel and hand rendered graphics, he creates beautiful artworks. Enjoy them!

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How did it get so late, so soon?
Dr Seuss. 
Rob Draper

Monday, you came so soon. 
Rob Draper

Anti Yawn…
Rob Draper
Awesome work by @robdraper1

Tomorrow is another day. Rob Draper.
Monday, you came so soon… Rob Draper #type #typography #typographyinspired #goodtype #coffee

We like to think we’re pretty special. At least that’s what our moms have been telling us. 
But every once in a while, by some amazing coincidence, we find someone who decided to draw on a cup without ever knowing about My Cup of Type to begin with. For us, this is just pure gold. Especially when that person happens to be as mind boggingly talented as Rob Draper.
Check out his insane lettering over at http://www.robdraper.co.uk/ or if you’re more of an instagram person you can follow him right over here
Really. Take a look. Your life will be better because of it. 
Aaand if you don’t notice any life-altering inspirational force we will personal buy you cheap vending machine coffee. Whenever you happen to be in Milan.. Because that’s just how nice we are.
Lastly, we just wanna give a huge shout-out to Rob for letting us publish his cup. Really appreciate it!

One of our core values is that My Cup of Type is for everyone.
Everyone can draw on a cup. It’s all about enjoying that moment of carefree doodling.
Even though the majority of people who have contributed with cups so far just happen to be graphic designers, painters, and in general people from the creative world. Make no mistake, people, that does NOT mean we don’t appreciate cups drawn by people who don’t see themselves as «creative». That they’re not artistic in any way, shape or form.
With that being said, we’ll admit that we were.. more excited than usual, to put it mildly, when Rob Draper told us to check out his new cup on Instagram. You just don’t get THESE kinda drawings that often. I mean look at that thing! It’s beautiful!Thank you so much, Rob, we’re flat out honored that you’re sharing this with us.Go check out his website for more stuff that will make your eye balls drool. Yeah, that’s right. It sounds disgusting, but it’s sort of like combining tears of joy with the drool of “in awe”-ness and amazement. You’ll see.


Super fast fibre optic. Rob Draper

i am pretty into this lettering. the crossbar of the t forms a loop in the first o, the dot on the i swirls into an ascender for the b. and the super first inside the f. so lovely! the unity! the gestalt! (also the contrast not only white vs black but also the straight lines with the very circular curves)